Spring Special! Reduced Price for One Day Class: $185 - $195 (Regular: $250)


There are two options to get your license!

1. Are you new to riding? 

The Basic RiderCourse (BRC) is a 2-day class designed for beginner riders or for those who haven't ridden in several years. It consists of 5 hours classroom work, 10 hours riding a motorcycle, and a 3-hour online eCourse to be completed prior arriving at class. We provide the motorcycles and helmets. Cost is $220-$240. 

See the class dates offered. 

2. Are you an experienced rider and need your motorcycle license?

The Basic RiderCourse 2-License Waiver (BRC2-LW) is a 1-day class designed for current riders that have been riding for at least two years. It consists of 3 hours classroom work, 5 hours riding a motorcycle, and a 2-hour online eCourse that must be completed prior to arriving at class. You may use your motorcycle or ours. Cost is $230. March Special Pricing: $185-$195.  See the class dates offered. 

Once you complete either course, you'll receive a certificate to take to DMV to get your license.


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